How to keep fit without going on diet or trying to lose weight?

French women don’t rely on dieting or weight loss, but on

The seven students on the French study strip went to Deneuve’s house for dinner. Deneuve was thrilled to be with so many youthful people. Laughing and talking with them, she felt as if she had gone back in time. That added an innocent charm to her noble elegance. She not only looked young, but she also felt young and gave off the impression of youthful casualness.

“Deneuve! How do you maintain such a youthful look? What is your secret?” Yoko asked.

“That’s right! How do you do it?” Kelly chimed in sweetly.

“Yoko is too kind. I’m not young anymore,” replied Deneuve, smiling.

Hiram commented, “Not only Deneuve but most French women look young, have gorgeous figures, and are elegant. Middle-aged French women often look like they are just twenty-five.”

“Americans generally have obesity issues. Do French women have genes that reinforce fitness?” Jason asked.

Deneuve laid the confusion to rest. “No, their youthfulness is the result of French culinary art. French women eat well and enjoy keeping fit. They eat two or three courses for lunch and three courses for dinner, with wine, dessert, and some cheese. Why don’t they get fat? If you’re interested, I’ll let you in on the secret.”

“Yes!” everyone said unanimously.

Deneuve began, “From childhood, French women cultivate the habit of eating with their minds. The key is to eat an appropriate amount and drink enough water. American women eat more than what their bodies need because they want to satisfy their psychological appetite, and the extra food they take in will turn into body fat. The secret of French women’s diet is to eliminate the extra appetite, which allows them to subtract the extra food but feel full at the same time. That is how they stay thin.

“What to eat, how much, how many calories, and how full one should feel—the knowledge of a healthy diet is passed down to French women by their families. They are used to matching food and choosing ingredients wisely, so they don’t have the worry about getting fat or go to the trouble of losing weight. We don’t talk about losing weight in France, and there’s hardly any fitness industry here. The obesity issue that plagues Americans is rare in France. We talk about relationships, love, family, hobbies, life lessons, politics, culture, and food, never about going on a diet or losing weight.”

With a sip of coffee, she continued. “Obesity comes largely from bad eating habits, such as eating junk food. French women replace junk food with gourmet food. They value quality over quantity and avoid repetition and boredom. They emphasize a variety of foods eaten in small portions. Always eating the same thing is as terrible as letting a romance lose its sparkle. Besides, living a happy life is as important as food. They keep themselves young by pursuing happiness, especially love and laughter. A healthy culinary culture takes thousands of years to achieve. The United States is too young in this sense, and it also has a lot of immigrants, which makes it difficult to define a clear culinary map. French cuisine is much older, so it goes without saying that it is more delicate and advanced. All of these factors lead to the beautiful figures of French women. Their soft bodies and physical poise come from this exquisite culture.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. The more they listened, the more interesting it became. Kelly asked directly, “My family is a little obese. What can they do to lose weight?”

Deneuve began to address the topic. She said slowly, “Well, if you follow the steps I’m going to lay out and stick to the traditional French diet, obesity will no longer be an issue.

“First, identify the foods you’ve overeaten in the past few weeks, including beverages and alcohol. Some foods you eat too often, some you eat too much of. These behaviors can cause weight gain.

“Second, reduce the frequency with which you eat these foods or the amount of them you eat. Even better, don’t eat them at all.

“Third, find replacements that contain less calories.

“Fourth, increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

“Fifth, constantly rotate your menu to eat a variety of food. Cultivate a habit of eating more variety and smaller portions.”

“Sixth, instead of going to the market once or twice each month, go every day or every other day. That way, you will eat more fresh food.

“Seventh, cook at home instead of eating out so you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your stomach.

“Eighth, eat your meals at a set time. If you wait until you feel hungry, you tend to eat more.

“Ninth, drink plenty of water. Drink one big glass of water after waking up to replace the water lost during sleep. Drink one big glass of water before going to bed. Put a slice of lime in your water, and avoid dehydration at nighttime, which might affect the quality of your sleep.

“Tenth, control your appetite with your willpower. Train your stomach to stop wanting more food when the portion you have is enough. Everyone responds differently to the amount of food they digest. It’s up to you to control how much food you consume.

“Eleventh, drink a glass of wine and eat a prune or two every day. Prunes detoxify your body and help balance the minerals. Also, unsweetened lemonade supports the maintenance of a regular weight.

“Twelfth, intensify your exercise routine to burn extra calories. Walk at least half an hour a day.

“Thirteenth, if you still do not lose weight after following these steps, reexamine the foods you eat; there must a food that makes you gain weight easily.

“Fourteenth, when you successfully lose weight, you must continue to follow the steps and turn them into a habit. Don’t slide back into unhealthy habits.”

While Deneuve was sharing the traditional French diet, habits, and methods, the guests listened attentively and learned a lot. Kelly was even taking notes.

“Also, Parisian women are poised and elegant. They enjoy life and don’t spend time on things that worry or depress them. They believe that life is wasted if not spent happily,” she added with a smile. “Besides, all French women, regardless of age, are charming and know how to present their most beautiful side. They diligently work on their looks and charms. They also like to play love games and enjoy the fun. Such inborn wisdom plays a strong role in the fact that they don’t gain weight.”

The guests were puzzled by the ideas that it is a waste not to enjoy life and that French women like to play love games. They looked at one another for an explanation. Anne and Kenji, on the other hand, felt like they were being targeted.

Because Deneuve thought they were puzzled by the weight-loss method, she added, “Don’t worry. The scientists at London Empire Academy have discovered a natural ingredient, propionate, which can reduce appetite. Adding this ingredient to food may stop people from gaining weight, solving the obesity crisis.

“After the food fibers enter the intestine, the microbes will secrete propionate to stimulate the intestines to release an enzyme, which instructs the brain to reduce the feeling of hunger. In the human body, naturally occurring propionate is very limited and doesn’t control appetite effectively. Introducing it externally may solve the problem. Besides, scientists have discovered that the intestinal flora Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes are associated with body weight. Obese people tend to have more Firmicutes, while thin people have more Bacteroidetes. When science can control the balance between these bacteria, obesity will no longer be an issue. Different bacteria in our intestines work on their responsible particles and absorbing the nutrients. Obese people probably eat more food that is favored by Firmicutes, causing the bacteria to overgrow, and thus causing the person to gain weight. This suggests that the balance that characterizes French cuisine controls the growth of Firmicutes, thus preventing French people from gaining weight.” (To be continued)

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